Yacht Deliveries

It is our highest priority to offer a safe delivery, we will care for your yacht not just move it. Great attention is paid to yacht preparation to ensure that the delivery is carried out safely and efficiently. There will be full checks on all major equipment prior to delivery. Hunter Yacht Deliveries Ltd provide careful weather routing combined with our experience to help ensure safe efficient passages with minimal wear to the vessel.

At sea we carry out daily checks on machinery and deck gear. Our extensive technical knowledge helps ensure that deliveries are not delayed due to equipment issues. During the delivery the vessel will be kept clean and will be thoroughly cleaned on completion of the passage. It is our aim to return the yacht to you in top condition. A full report with recommendations will be sent to the yacht owner. If required Hunter Yacht Deliveries Ltd can offer ongoing technical support.

On our quotation being accepted we will contact the owner or agent to get detailed information on the vessel and its equipment. Delivery dates will be agreed. Based on this information we will then go into detailed planning for the delivery.

Sitting in Yacht

A minimum crew of three including the skipper will normally be used, For trans-Ocean passages and larger vessels more crew members will be supplied as required. They will always carry out a full check on the vessel prior to commencing the passage. This includes safety equipment, machinery, a rig check, skin fittings, instrumentation and spares onboard. The yacht will be prepared for the passage including protection of vulnerable items and woodwork as appropriate.

Sky on Yacht

When all checks are complete and the yacht is fully prepared for sea the yacht will depart on passage. Weather routing information will be used to ensure a safe, efficient passage with minimum wear to the yacht. The owner will be given regular updates on progress made.

On completion of the passage the yacht will be valeted. It will either be shut down and left in a safe berth or handed over to the owner. The owner will be given a full condition report with the skippers recommendations.

Yacht Delivery Offers

If you are considering having a holiday abroad on your yacht or are looking for a relocation to another cruising ground such as the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Baltic or other destinations then contact Hunter Yacht Deliveries for a yacht delivery quotation. We will carry out the yacht delivery when you want it and ensure that the yacht is ready for you at its new port. We can also schedule a yacht delivery to return your yacht to its home port at the end of the season. Hunter Yacht Deliveries can also offer management, maintenance and logistics while your yacht is abroad.

If you are looking at buying a used yacht you could cast your net further afield and use Hunter Yacht Deliveries to have your new yacht delivered back to your home port. Please contact us for a yacht delivery quotation. Sometimes the right yacht is just not available locally and sometimes significant savings can be made in purchasing a yacht in a different country or location even taking yacht delivery costs into account. Hunter Yacht Deliveries can also offer logistical support.

Do you have a racing yacht and want to take part in yacht races further afield but do not have the time to get the yacht there? Hunter Yacht Deliveries can deliver your yacht to and from the race venue. Please contact us for a yacht delivery quotation. We offer competitive rates for yacht deliveries and have considerable experience in preparing yachts for races. We are happy to deliver racing yachts both round the coast of the UK and Northern Europe and also to events further afield such as the Middle Seas race or Antigua week. Hunter Yacht Deliveries could deliver your racing yacht to the Caribbean for a full winter of the Caribbean race circuit. As well as carrying out the yacht delivery we can offer management of the whole project including maintenance and logistics.

Our skippers hold commercial endorsements and we have experience in workboat delivery.

If you require boat deliveries for your workboats then please contact Hunter Yacht Deliveries for a boat delivery quotation.